Heritage Plastics

Atlanta, Georgia
completed 2013
Technology-driven Company Office

Heritage Plastics

This project is a 13,000 square foot facility comprised of corporate offices and laboratory space. The project involved renovations and additions to a dilapidated two story industrial building, transforming it into the corporate headquarters and testing laboratory for a local family owned company. The design focused on created a contemporary environment that symbolizes the values of a progressive, “technology-driven” company. 

Both exterior and interior modifications to the existing building establish a work environment that facilitates collaboration through an open and connective plan that promotes communication and interaction between staff. The office level contains a gallery devoted to the display of Heritage Plastics’ operations and a second dramatic gallery for the display of taxidermy.

Natural light was a major consideration in the development of the project. This led to the transformation of a virtually windowless box into a porous building that provides natural daylight in all spaces. The process of perforating the building included included the development of a new addition at the front corner of the building. This intervention modified the static massing of the original building, providing a dynamic entry sequence and improving the perception of the building from the street.  

_MG_9810 - PS

While the design changed the character and usefulness of the building, it also focused strategically on capturing and preserving the value inherent in the existing structure. This approach allowed us to create a radically new building while simultaneously conserving resources and capital by repurposing a decaying asset.